We commenced this journey in 2006


We are passionate & enthusiastic about our craft & the service we provide. This is reflected in the quality & diversity of our products.




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Royal Adelaide Show 2015
Bronze Three Chocolate Lamingtons Bronze Four Traditional Meat Pies – Aussie Pie
Bronze Artisan Style Bread – Traditional Sour Dough Bronze Apprentice/ Trainee Award
Bronze Gluten Free – Friands Bronze Four Standard Pasties
Baking Industry Association Show 2015 (Held @ Regency Tafe)
First 203mm Mudcake First Café Cake Gateau
Bronze Iced Donuts First Iced Yeast – 4 Types
Baking Assoc of Australia Show 2014 (Held in Tanunda)
First 203mm Mud Cake First Cafe Cake - Gateau
Bronze 680gm Sourdough Rye First Cake / Pastry Champion of Show 2014
Royal Adelaide Show 2014
Bronze Pasties Bronze Gluten Free Cake (Friand)
Baking Association of Australia Show 2013 (held at Barmera)
First Cake Section – Mud Cake First Cake Section – Gateau
Bronze Cake Section – Asst Cup Cakes First Overall Champion Cake/Pastry of the show 2013
Professional Baking Competition 2013
First Best Bakery Lunch Bronze Pasties
Bronze Traditional Meat Pies Bronze Gourmet Pies
Bronze Chocolate Lamingtons
Royal Adelaide Show 2013
Bronze Best Bakery Lunch Bronze Overall Show Pastries
Bronze Four Standard Pasties    
Royal Adelaide Show 2012
First  Lamingtons Bronze Gourmet
Bronze Decorated Gateau Bakery/Cafe style Cake
Professional Baking Comp 2012
First Chocolate Lamingtons Bronze Decorated Gateau/Cafe Style Cake
First Decorated Novelty Cake Bronze Gourmet
First Best Bakery Lunch Bronze Gourmet Meat Pie

Traditional Meat Pie

Royal Adelaide Show 2011
Bronze Chocolate Lamintons – Third Prize Bronze Gateau Bakery/Cafe Style Cake – Second Prize
Bronze Three Plain Muffins with Choc Chip - Third Prize
Royal Adelaide Show 2010
Winter Ed. of Adelaide Hills Mag 2010 Pie Comp
First Lamingtons - First Prize
Bronze Minted Lamb -Third Prize
First Best Bakery Lunch - First Prize
Commended Chunky Steak, Potato & Bacon Pie- Fourth Prize
Bronze Cafe Cakes - Third Prize    
Royal Adelaide Show 2009
Gold Regular Pasties – First Prize Bronze Sausage Rolls – Third Prize
Gold Gourmet Pie (Lamb & Rosemary)
Bronze Best Bakery Lunch – Third Prize
Bronze Chocolate Lamingtons – Third
Baking Industry Association 2009
Silver Decorated Gateau/Cafe Style
Silver Three Standard Sausage Rolls
Silver Three Standard Pasties – Silver
Silver Decorated Novelty Cake – Silver
Silver Three Chocolate Lamingtons – Silver
Silver Chocolate Chip Muffins – Silver
Silver Three Gourmet Meat Pies – Silver
Silver Beast Bakery Lunch – Silver
Royal Adelaide Show 2008
Bronze Three Standard Pasties – Third
Gold Three Chocolate Lamingtons – First
Baking Industry Assoc 2008
Silver Decorated Novelty Cake – Silver
Bronze Best Bakery Lunch – Bronze
Bronze Chocolate chip Muffins – Bronze
Silver Traditional Pasties – Silver
Bronze Gourmet Meat Pie – Bronze
Bronze Standard Sausage Rolls – Bronze
Silver Chocolate Lamingtons – Silver
Baking Industry Assoc 2006 Royal Adelaide Show 2006
Silver Plain Pasty – Silver Silver Three Pasties – Third Place
Bronze Plain Beef Pie – Bronze Commended Best Bakery Lunch – Commended
Silver Fruit Flan – Silver   Royal Adelaide Show 2007
Bronze Decorated Mud Cake – Bronze Silver Three Meat Pies – Second Prize